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Why I Use Teletherapy Now and Wish I Had UniWellness in College

Hi, students! Paige here. Today I’m taking a few minutes to reflect on the power of technology to meet our mental health needs.

I’m a 23-year-old college graduate and young professional. I juggle hats at work, responsibilities at home, volunteer activities on weekends, and daily self-care to maintain my wellness. Just like you, I have a lot going on.

I use teletherapy because:

It’s easy, flexible, and convenient. Instead of driving to my counselor’s office, I meet with her online. All I need to do is open my laptop and launch the teletherapy application she uses. I’ve worn pajama pants during our sessions, and I’ve met with her from my couch, my office, and even my car! I love the flexibility and convenience that teletherapy affords, especially when I’m juggling so many other things.

It remains constant during my transitions. When I moved from Northern Virginia to Charlottesville this summer, I was able to continue seeing my counselor. I didn’t want to give up the strong therapeutic relationship we developed earlier this year, and with teletherapy, I didn’t have to! When work travel takes me around the state, I can meet with my counselor while I’m away from home. I never need to pause my counseling sessions to accommodate the other (more chaotic) parts of my life.

If UniWellness was around while I was in college…

When I struggled to access care at school, I was a 3 1/2 hour drive away from home. For the first half of college, I didn’t have a car, so my options were extremely limited when my school’s counseling center had a waitlist. For the second half of college, I felt stuck, lost, and scared trying to navigate the mental health care system by myself — especially when local professionals were also operating on months-long waitlists. Why was it so difficult to access the care I needed?

What a difference UniWellness would have made for me in college. To have seen the same counselor throughout all four years of school. To never have had to sit on a waitlist that felt like a door slammed in my face. To have been able to maintain continuity of care during the ups and the downs, the stressors and the celebrations, the confusion and the self-discovery that college brings. To have had access to the care I needed when, where, and how often I needed it.

I wish UniWellness had existed back then. It would have made a world of difference for me and my ability to cope, self-regulate, and succeed. But now, I’m here with the UniWellness team, making mental health care more accessible to students who are experiencing the same barriers I did.

UniWellness: Mental health care for college students when and where they need it. Click here to get started!

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Our goal is to reduce barriers by connecting students to mental health care whenever and wherever because every person matters and every illness hurts

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