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Frequently Asked Questions About UniWellness

You’ve heard about what we’re doing and you’re relieved to have finally found a solution to your mental health care access problems. That’s great! If you have any questions about how this works, let’s get those answered for you.

What do I need to use UniWellness?

UniWellness is easy to access because it runs in your web browser and doesn’t require downloads. All you need are:

  1. A webcam and microphone (most devices come with these built-in now!)
  2. A laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone with a strong internet connection
  3. One of the major browsers (we recommend using Google Chrome)

Is my information safe?

Yes, all of the information you enter into UniWellness is safe. UniWellness is HIPAA-compliant, which means it follows all of the regulations that ensure the security and privacy of your health information. Your data is encrypted and secure.

The information you share with your provider during video appointments is secure, too. Our video appointments are protected with multiple barriers to ensure that no one (including us!) can enter your call. This is also required by HIPAA.

How does billing work?

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards. You’ll enter your payment information when you schedule your appointment. Our system will bill you at the end of your appointment using the payment information you provided.

Do we accept insurance?

We don’t currently accept insurance, but we’re interested in exploring that in the future. For now, we are operating with private pay only, and your chosen payment method is billed at the end of your appointment. If your health insurance company allows it, you are welcome to submit a claim for reimbursement later.

Why are only Virginia students able to use UniWellness?

We wish this wasn’t the case! Due to Virginia’s telehealth laws, we are only able to serve students who are physically located in Virginia at the time of their appointment. This is because current state laws do not allow providers to use telehealth across state lines. All of our providers are licensed to practice in Virginia, so we can only offer our services to Virginia students.

Are part-time students able to use UniWellness? What about community college students?

Yes and yes! Any college student in Virginia is welcome to use our services, regardless of the number of credits they are taking. Our goal is to expand mental health care access to students, not limit it!

Ready to get started? Click here to schedule your first appointment!

Have any other questions? Let us know at info@uniwellnesscare.com!


Our goal is to reduce barriers by connecting students to mental health care whenever and wherever because every person matters and every illness hurts

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