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How Counseling Centers Can Prepare for the Summer

Here at UniWellness, accessibility to mental health resources is an important outcome we always aim to keep in mind. With the school year coming to a close, it becomes more important than ever. This summer, most students will leave college or university to return home or move to work, and it becomes nearly impossible for them to use on-campus mental health resources. It’s crucial for counselors to guide students before they leave by giving them more access to off-campus resources and pointing them in the proper direction for self-care.

How can counselors best prepare themselves and their students for the impending summer? Here are a few key things to keep in mind:

Invest heavily in self-care practice during the school year.

With counseling, it’s the hope that students are able to better care for themselves to live more fulfilling lives. One way to in doing this is helping students become more self-sufficient, by instilling practices of everyday self-care. If students build self-care into a habit and as a daily routine, then the drop-off to summer will feel far less severe. Students who do not have proper practice of self-care may feel much more helpless and reliant on the counselor. They also may find it a bit more difficult to build a practice on their own. By encouraging this early on, we can ensure that students will always have some form of access to improvement.
Consider using a teletherapy platform

Consider using a teletherapy platform.

With more of our interactions moving to digital devices, it’s important for mental health resources to adjust. With teletherapy, students are able to access care wherever they are. This gives the student the support they need as they enter a new environment. As they go home or to a new work environment, they may be met with new ideas, or reminded of traumatic experiences. It’s important for counselors to walk with students each step of the way.

Help them establish support networks in their local area.

As students leave an environment that they have become familiar with to move back home or to a new city for a job or internship, it is important to connect them with resources that allow them to thrive. Consider their needs and put them in contact with mental health resources in the new area, like counselors or mindfulness groups you might be familiar with or read up on. Connecting them with students in the area, health, and well-being facilities, or guiding them through the process of taking up a new hobby are also valuable strategies to help students transition into summer.

With students seeking mental healthcare in record numbers, it’s important that schools provide the best access possible, even during the summer. Establishing good habits, using teletherapy, and proper support networks are just a few of the ways that schools can do just that. Here at UniWellness, we aim to assist counseling centers by widening their net, wherever they might be. Reach out and schedule a demo today!


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