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[Press Release] UniWellness Announces a Student Mental Health Platform Configured to Your School or Private Counseling Center’s Brand.

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Charlottesville, Virginia April 1, 2019  – UniWellness today announces a new product offering: a real-time video and audio student menatl health platform that supports student well-being by enhancing and expanding the reach of a school or private organization’s counseling center.

Arin Sime, Founder & CEO of UniWellness said, “Our team realized there are many gaps in mental health care access  for high school and college youth, and we are passionate about addressing those needs. Our UniWellness Care app will allow more students to meet with their counselors whenever and wherever they need to, using secure video technology and mobile applications.”

Unfortunately, the United States is currently experiencing a student mental health crisis. Research shows that up to 50% of students suffer from depression and anxiety. This is double the rate that adults face. Only 1/3 of those students get the treatment they need.

Suicides amongst college students are one outcome of this crisis:  6% of students consider suicide in any year; 20% of students considered suicide sometime during college; 86% who died by suicide never sought treatment from school counseling.

Why do so few students get mental health care?

Paige Long, Customer Experience Lead for UniWellness, and a former student leader at Christopher Newport University, noted that “Some students fear the social stigma of being seen in the counseling waiting room. For others, their debilitating depression and anxiety leaves them unable to leave their dorm.  For many, the idea of having to start all over with a new counselor when they get to college is daunting. These unfortunately are all barriers that prevent some students from seeking the treatment they need, and which we can help them overcome.”

Ginger Germani, UniWellness Director of Telehealth Accounts and a mental health advocate, noted that “students at this age face some of the most exciting and daunting challenges of their young lives. If a high school student is being treated for depression and anxiety, it’s important that they be able to continue that relationship when they go away to college, during the biggest transition of their life. UniWellness offers a secure solution to help colleges make sure students receive the care on campus that they need, as well as continue care they were receiving in high school.”

Germani  added, “Our UniWellness application combines the best features of wellbeing apps with live video technology to help students overcome stigma and get the care they need.  We can help schools and universities to save lives by encouraging students to get the treatment that they need before they reach a crisis point. That is why I’m so passionate about what we’ve created with UniWellness.”

Many schools and private counseling centers want to meet the growing demand for student mental health services but just don’t have the staff necessary to meet this need. They often do not have the ability to allow for extended hours visits.

UniWellness fills gaps in college mental health care by allowing educational institutions to:  

  • Meet the growing demand for student mental health services
  • Offer after-hours visits
  • Provide social and emotional support to students, faculty/staff
  • Bring in outside specialists as needed
  • Encourage students to ask for help before a crisis arises
  • Allow new students to continue to meet virtually with their trusted counselors “from home”

UniWellness allows students to:

  • Meet with their on-campus counselors when getting to the counseling center is not feasible due to a mental health condition, stigma and fear of peers’ perceptions, or a busy schedule.
  • Maintain their therapeutic relationships with the counselors they were seeing at home.
  • Seek specialty care, which often is not offered on college campuses, for concerns like eating disorders and substance use.

The UniWellness telemental health platform is easy to navigate for both students and counselors alike.  Below is a basic guide to how UniWellness works!

Counselors can:

  • Update profile information
  • Set schedule availability
  • Read and send secure messages
  • Accept or decline appointment requests
  • Keep track of current day’s agenda and upcoming appointments
  • Consult with other professionals with the student in real time
  • Take notes, screen share, share files, and more…

Students can:

  • Search counselors based on services, specialty and/or location
  • View counselor profiles, education, qualifications, specializations, and patient reviews
  • Choose a counselor, and request an instant appointment
  • Send and receive messages
  • Keep track of upcoming appointments, and more…

Mariana Lopez, Director of Products at UniWellness, noted that “Our team can customize all of these features for each of our clients.  We understand that the health care workflow and campus culture are slightly different at each school we work with, so we’ve built a system designed to be flexible to their needs so we can have the maximum impact on the wellbeing of their student body.”

UniWellness is working hard to improve access to mental health care for students through our secure telehealth platform. Our goal is to reduce barriers by connecting students to mental health care whenever and wherever because every person matters and every illness hurts.

If your school or private counseling center could benefit from allowing remote mental health care visits, contact us for more information or to request a free demo.


Our goal is to reduce barriers by connecting students to mental health care whenever and wherever because every person matters and every illness hurts

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