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How Does UniWellness Eliminate Silos in Student Mental Health Care?

Members of our team have personal experience with the silos in student mental health care. We know how frustrating it is for a student to reach out for help – only to be referred off-campus and told to find a provider that accepts their health insurance, is taking new patients, specializes in the symptom(s) or condition(s) they’re experiencing, and makes them feel comfortable. We also know that college counseling centers care about supporting every student. That’s why we’re eliminating siloed care with UniWellness.

UniWellness eliminates silos in student mental health care by allowing your school to create a wellness team for your students.

Our platform provides each counselor and administrator with a comprehensive dashboard that allows them to see students’ usage and activity. Think of it as a quick snapshot of how your campus is doing. This dashboard is automatically populated using the data captured in the platform, like number of appointments, total active users, and students’ self-reported anxiety levels. Your students’ and school’s data is secure and encrypted — it never leaves the platform.

We also eliminate silos by keeping you in the loop. When (a) you refer a student off-campus for long-term or specialty care or (b) your students use UniWellness to connect with an existing mental health provider at home, we ensure that you know how your students are doing and how you can provide additional assistance to them on campus. With these students, the counseling center can serve as a case manager, providing monthly or quarterly check-ins using our secure three-way calls. By allowing the provider who knows the student well and the counselor who knows the campus culture well to collaborate, you can provide the best care for your students.

Contact us to learn more about how UniWellness can help you eliminate silos in student mental health care!


Our goal is to reduce barriers by connecting students to mental health care whenever and wherever because every person matters and every illness hurts

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