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Talking to Administration

You’re a student, counselor, professor, or administrator who sees the immense value in implementing an online mental health platform like UniWellness at your institution.

The next step is to have a conversation with your school’s administration. You may not know how to start the conversation. Here are a few helpful talking points:

Explain the need for UniWellness on your campus. Have you missed an appointment with your on-campus counselor because you couldn’t get out of bed? Have you gone months without seeing your counselor from home because your school is hours away? Do you have a packed schedule that makes it difficult to make it to your counseling appointments on time? UniWellness can help in all of these situations, but your administrators can’t recognize the need until they hear about it.

  • Be prepared with statistics. Half of us will experience a mental health condition at some point in our lifetime. 75% of mental health conditions develop by age 24. The second leading cause of death of college students is suicide. Two-thirds of students will not seek mental health treatment. There are hundreds of students on your campus who are not receiving mental health services — UniWellness can change that.
  • Offer some ideas about cost management. Are there funds allocated to the counseling center or student affairs that aren’t being used? Is there a grant from your state that could cover or offset the cost? Is it possible to raise student fees by $10, $20, or $50 per academic year? There are many ways to gather the necessary funding to implement a priceless telehealth solution that will increase access to mental health care on your campus.
  • Allow us to be part of this meeting. Our team knows the ins and outs of college mental health care. We recognize the gaps and know that we can help. Using a a mobile device or video conferencing platform, we can be right there with you as you discuss this need with your college administration. We can even provide a demo of UniWellness to your administrators. 

We know this conversation can be scary — luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. We will be with you every step of the way!

About UniWellness

UniWellness is working hard to improve access to mental health care for students through a secure telehealth platform. If your school could benefit from allowing remote mental health care visits with university staff, contact us for more information.


Our goal is to reduce barriers by connecting students to mental health care whenever and wherever because every person matters and every illness hurts

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